1. What is the reason why Maestro Vargas' products don't damage the nails?
Many guitarists noticed that a continuous use of industrial glues causes a serious damage to nail's fiber. That is not the case of Maestro Vargas' nail product. Our Gel, as well as our Activator, are made in Europe according to the indications and instructions of Enrique Vargas, a guitarist with 40 years of professional experience. He, himself long time Maestro Vargas' products user, knows well how they work and what's the best way to use them.
2. What is the chemical composition of Maestro Vargas' Gel and why doesn't it damage the nail?
The Gel Maestro Vargas is a resin made with a kind of cyanoacrylate developed for surgical use. That’s why this product does not damage nail’s structure. This component is rather expensive, for that reason, our Gel will always be a bit more expensive than the glues made with industrial type ingredients like Cianolit, Super Glue 3, etc. Unfortunately, a great part of nail glues on the market are made with industrial cyanoacrylate, and are bottled directly in factories in large quantities for mass distribution for general use.
3. Why do you use 2,5 ml per bottle?
The gel Maestro Vargas is bottled by hand in our proper bottles. Actually, the amount of Gel in each bottle is 3 ml instead of 2,5 ml that the label indicates.We believe that this size bottle preserves the product better. We chose a bigger bottle size for two reasons: one, to let the product breeze, which makes it endure longer time, and two, to make it easily traceable among guitar players things. Also, the bottle top that we use is perfect to release the exact amount of gel, without the necessity to resort to droppers or wooden sticks like other kits on the market. .
4. What’s the activator for?
Maestro Vargas’ Activator is an essential part of the kit that allows the Gel to dry instantly, the feature that makes this product irreplaceable for a guitarist that works professionally. It only works with Maestro Vargas’ Gel, due to its chemical composition.
5. Why do you use a fiberglass strip and not silk?
As to Maestro Vargas’ strip, we prefer to use self-adhesive fiberglass strip because it’s more durable than silk and is designed to absorb the right amount of gel to make a strong and durable nail.
6. What’s Nail Repair Powder?
MaestroVargas’ nail kit contains a product that’s particularly important for all guitarists, especially for those who work in environments that are hard on nails: Tablao guitarists, rumba and rociero band members. Maestro Vargas’ Nail Repair Powder allows to repair as well as enlarge a nail quickly and efficiently. Its container is especially designed for precise and even spreading.
7. What is the advantage of Maestro Vargas' nail file compared to other brands found in drugstores?
Maestro Vargas' Nail File that comes with the kit has four different grains. It's like having four files in one. Maestro Vargas' nail file's design allows a guitarist to shape and polish a nail with supreme precision. .
8. Can Maestro Vargas’ products be ordered separately?
Yes, each one of Maestro Vargas’ products can be ordered separately.
9. PROBLEM: the fiberglass doesn’t last a long time and falls off after a couple of days.
SOLUTION: it can happen for two reasons: 1) a nail hasn’t been washed with soap to remove fat 2) the gel has to penetrate the fiberglass strip completely; you have to apply one drop of Gel over the strip of fiberglass, dry it with the activator, then apply another drop of gel and dry it. Follow carefully the instructions published on this site.
10. PROBLEM: When I apply the Activator, a chemical reaction that it produces raises the nail’s temperature
SOLUTION: in order to dry the Gel immediately, the Activator produces a chemical reaction that is completely harmless that, nevertheless, can raise the temperature of the Gel if applied excessively. Make sure that the Activator is being applied from the distance not less than 10-15 inches (at least 20cm) and in small quantities.
11. PROBLEM: In spite of fiberglass Strip and Gel, my nails keep breaking.
SOLUTION: for particularly weak nails one should use two to three layers of fiberglass and gel. For the types of work especially hard on nails, like tablaos without a sound system, “Rociero” choirs or rumba combos, a fiberglass layer can be reinforced with a layer nail repair powder.
12. PROBLEM: My nails are too short. Can I make them longer using Maestro Vargas’ products?
SOLUTION: Absolutely. You can enlarge your nails two different ways. First: 1) apply a little bit of gel to the nail’s edge (the nail has to have already a layer of fiberglass with gel), 2) spray on top a small quantity of nail repair powder and cover it with gel. 3) Dry it with activator. Repeat these steps if the nail is still too short. Second: Follow the instructions “how to repair a nail ” published on this site.
13. PROBLEM: the Gel became too dense and doesn’t maintain fiberglass Strip glued to the nail for a long time.
SOLUTION: just like any glue, the Gel becomes denser with time, especially in the summer time or particularly hot climates. To prolong Gel’s use, store it in cool and dark places. To store it for a long period of time, keep it in a fridge. We use the amount of 2,5-3 ml per container precisely because, in our experience, this quantity allows a user utilize all of the content before it goes too dense.

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